Call for Special Sessions (PDF)

The deadline to submit proposals for Special Sessions or Symposiums is November 17, 2017. Please send the proposal to

Applicants who wish to propose Special Sessions (Symposiums) should include the following information in their submission:

Applicants who wish to propose Special Sessions (Symposiums) should include the following information in their submission:

  • Title of the Special Session (Symposium)
  • Principal Organizer (name, institution, email): note that the Principal Organizer is the point of contact for the Special Sessions and is responsible for communicating with the Speakers.
  • Co-organizers (names, institutions, emails): maximum of two persons.
  • Moderator (name, institution, email)
  • Potential Speakers (names, institutions, emails, and tentative talk titles): it is necessary to have at least six Speakers who have committed to participating at the Meeting. A session should ideally have four to five speakers.
  • Description (250 words): the topic of the Special Sessions must be associated with the theme of the Meeting and should address topics of broad interest to Meeting participants. Consider that this description will be included in the Online Program, so it should contain background information, objectives and importance of the topic to the attendees. However, we discourage the use of overly technical language, to make the session appealing to a wider audience.
  • Justification (<100 words): the justification should explain the importance of including the Special Sessions in the Program and how the general topic of the Session contributes to the interests and knowledge of the attendees.
  • Summary (< 50 words): A one-sentence description of the Special Session that will be included in the printed Program.

Please take into consideration the topics of the General Sessions of AQUATROP:

  1. Taxonomy and Systematics
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Ecology
  4. Conservation and Restoration
  5. Hydrology and Geomorphology
  6. Impacts
  7. Biomonitoring
  8. Water Resources Management

Review criteria

The Scientific Committee will evaluate all the submitted proposals on a peer-review basis, and decide whether to accept the proposal or offer an opportunity to present it in a more appropriate format (oral session, poster session).

The Principal Organizer of the Session will be notified by email regarding the acceptance of their proposal by November 27, 2017.

The review criteria used by the Scientific Committee is as follows:

  • Significantly contributes to the understanding of the topic to be discussed
  • Presents an innovative, interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary approach
  • Demonstrates the benefits of the scientific research to public concerns, outreach or educational activities
  • Not overly specialized topic that guarantees a large audience at the Meeting
  • Gives a significant overall synthesis of a topic instead of simply presenting related case studies
  • Avoids focusing on a single point of view or creating bias towards a single perspective
  • Offers a well-organized session the integrates relevant aspects of the general topic
  • Importance of the Speakers in their field, and their commitment to the Special Session
  • Diversity of the Speakers´ specializations and their proposed talks, which contribute to the impact of the Session.

In case of acceptance

Once the Special Session has been accepted by the Scientific Committee, it is important that the Principal Organizer maintains their commitment to the Session, since changes or cancellations are very difficult to cover. It is for that reason that all the Speakers are committed to participating in the Special Session before submitting the proposal.

In case of any change to the Special Session, please contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. If a Speaker cancels their appearance after the registration, the Cancellation Policy will apply.

Once the Special Session proposal is accepted, the Principal Organizer must submit an updated version of the Session and the list of confirmed Speakers. After that, the Organizers will be informed of time, date and location of their Session.

The Special Session Organizers should immediately notify the Meeting Organizing Committee of any scheduling conflicts of their Speakers (conflicts between accepted sessions), in which case the Organizing Committee will attempt to accommodate the Speakers to non-conflicting times.

Communication with speakers

The Session Principal Organizer is the person responsible for communication with the Speakers, including the confirmation of each Speaker, abstract requirements and deadlines, session scheduling information, and expectations for participation in the Meeting.

It is very important that the Speakers and the Moderator be aware of the following:

  • The Meeting Organizing Committee reserves the right to program the schedule of the Special Sessions.
  • All Speakers must register for the meeting and pay the Registration Fee, and submit their abstract like all meeting participants. The Organizing Committee does not offer any Fee reductions or any other benefit for the Special Session Organizers or Speakers (financial assistance, stipends, travel expenses, accommodation, etc.).
  • The Speakers must submit their abstracts by March 7, 2018, and select the Special Session option in the submission form; otherwise, they will be removed from the Session. We advise the Special Session Principal Organizer to remind the Speakers to submit their abstracts on time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee.