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G01 Taxonomy and SystematicsG02 BiodiversityG03 EcologyG04 Conservation and RestorationG05 Hydrology and GeomorphologyG06 ImpactsG07 BiomonitoringG08 Water Resources ManagementS01 Return on Investment as a decision-making tool in water fundsS02 To what extent does connectivity disruption affect ecological processes and biodiversity in aquatic environments?S03 Global changes and their impact on freshwater ecosystems in mountains with glaciersS04 Diatoms of EcuadorS05 Anthropic and climate change impacts on tropical lake ecosystemsS06 Odonata in the NeotropicsS07 Limnology of Ecuadorean lakes: Current state and future challengesS08 Fish as bioindicators of change in tropical ecosystems, from two perspectives cultural and cognitiveS09 investigation and conservation of large amazon riversS10 Community monitoring and citizen science in tropical riversS11 Water Reserves for the conservation of freshwater ecosystems in EcuadorS12 Ecology and conservation of wetlandsS13 Taxonomy, systematics and biodiversity of algae in Ecuador

Photo: E. Suárez